Group Posing.  I had a little bit of an issue with the sun being in the faces, so there was a lot of squinting but in the end it made them look really happy. I posed then this way because it displays them all but in a fun way. I had the front girl put her hands on her knees to add effect. I also had the girls in the back do the same so they were all kind of posed the same.


Male Posing. I had him put his hands in his pockets because he couldn’t get the concept of hand modeling. I had him lean on the wall so he would look more relaxed and I had him look away from me and made him smile so it would be genuine.


Woman Posing. My model was perfect in her own way. Her smile is the main point of the photo because it is breathtaking. I had her lean slightly to the side and a little bit forward to add dimension. I had her sit cross-legged in the grass because I thought that it added a nice background.